Hey, It’s 2012!

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OMGWTFBBQ! I wake up with a bad hangover and here we are TWO WEEKS into 2012. I DID NOT GET THE MEMO!

In the theme of not getting the memo, it seems Hulu , SOPA, and PIPA are still alive. AMAZING. Not only is Hulu not dead, it seems to be growing. As for SOPA and PIPA, WTF why are we even talking about these bills, they should have been dead LONG AGO!!!

The wife and I were early subscribers to Hulu Plus, however we put our account on hold last summer before we sailed from Hawaii to Santa Barbara because we were going to be gone for a month sailing across the Pacific. Once we got back however, we KEPT IT CANCELD.


WE DO NOT WANT TO PAY TO HAVE ADS PUSHED AT US AND WAIT WEEKS FOR NEW EPISODES TO BE POSTED. Especially the lame “what ad do you want to see now” crap style ads from the late 90’s. Stuff like this is why people like <cough>bittorrent</cough>. Content is ad free and they can get in *hours* versus days or weeks. Why pay money for shit service when you can stick it to man and get better product AND service…

Hulu, et al, your only hope is to open the floodgate. The consumers have WON. It is all over. Just give up, fuck SOPA and PIPA. Just let us pay for the shit we want, when we want it. And stop the bloody interstitial ads. Have you not learned anything from history?


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SOPA, or the Stop Online Piracy Act, is another one of those bills that sounds like it's going to do something mildly positive but, in reality, has serious potential to negatively change the internet as we know it.

That is why you saw the censorship notice when you came to this blog – many websites could soon be shuttered due to this bill.


More on this horrible bill at the America Censorship Day website, here at Life Hacker, and lots more here at the Electronic Frontier Foundation Deep Links blog.


Economics and Society 101 or Why Obama, the Democrat Party, and the Occupiers are 100% Wrong on Economics, Social Justice, and Equality

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Watch the entire video, it’s 9 minutes of economic and societal truth on so many levels delivered with absolute crystal clarity. Professor Epstein just absolutely hits it out of the park.

Watch Does U.S. Economic Inequality Have a Good Side? on PBS. See more from PBS NewsHour.

And that, my friends, is how the world really works. The egalitarian utopia where everyone is equal and everything is “fair” that Obama, the Democrat party, and the Occupiers constantly say we need cannot and will not work. Ever. Period. End of story. You get chaos. Thousands of years of human history teach us this. Professor Epstein compresses that knowledge into 9 minutes of brilliance.

Hat-tip to The Coalition Of The Swilling.

Updated 5:41 AM: James Pethokoukis of the AEI lays out 7 more reasons.

Have a Smile

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Operation Smile is one of those charities you don’t think about or even notice that is truly changing peoples lives for the better.

Want proof? Watch this:


Ok, now that you watched that and are done crying, go donate! http://www.operationsmile.org/donate

“Balance the F****** Budget”

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A little video from Felonious Munk on the budget deficit. So much truth and so much funny. Definitely NSFW.

Video after the break.


“The Menaissance” aka “We Never Left You, You Left Us”

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All I can say is, it’s about bloody time!

Being that I sail, I tend to hang with men. Not fashionable men, not squirmy men, but honest to God men. We race boats, drink, and are men in all our faults, bravado, and cockiness. We’re not squishy, or afraid to break a nail, and don’t have a six-pack generally (unless it’s cold beer), and we do not shop at The Gap.

And don’t get me started on the smart, capable, and interesting women! Women who are all women. They ooze womanliness. Women who like men. Sweaty men. Men who drink and curse and make blue jokes. Women who us men are barely worthy of and who make us better men by being the true women they are. Yin and Yang – look it up.

As I have sat in my manliness bubble and wondered what has happened to men and manliness in general (need I say to see the Bieber haircut as a prime example – by the way, mine is a #1 clipper on the sides, a #6 on top, and tapered in the back) , it is good to see there are those who feel the same as I do.



I will now wear the Retrosexual label proudly.

About. Damn. Time.

Utterly Out of Sync

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I have, from day one, stated that President Obama is utterly out of sync with the American populous, its values, and its traditions. I think this picture so clearly captures that lack of sync, that it is worthy of a Pulitzer.

Out of Sync

Literally everyone around him is doing the wave and there he sits, looking bored, irritated and wistful. As if being at the game is an imposition forced upon him and he’d rather be doing something else. Perhaps golfing yet again? Perhaps another fancy party at the Whitehouse? Perhaps another concert? I suspect anything other than being around the common people and having to endure their silly game. As Dorothy Rabinowitz so aptly put it, we truly do have an alien living in the Whitehouse.

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